Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Parents Prayer

gambar diambil di sini
 Dear God,We open our hearts today to receive more courage, patience and love.
We won't let bad things or bad situations to ruin our day.
With You, we know we can do great things, no matter what.
We are the positive energy to the world and we'll touch every person in our lives with Your love.
We want to shine the world with your light.
We want to show our love to others, for You have shown us Your amazing love. 
We will be better parents and we can reach our dreams together as a family.
We have the courage, good spirit and we are the best parents for our child.

Dear God,please help us to be the sound of joy in our children's life today,
We cherish every moment spent with them.
We don't want to rush the years go by, we want to taste every moment and enjoy it with our children.
Help us to do our responsibility with all our hearts.
Remind us to laugh more often, and give us strength when we're running out of patience.
We are grateful to have this opportunity to raise such wonderful children.
Their existence has been a miracle for us to respect and cherish forever.
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