Tuesday, December 06, 2005

lost in responsibility...

Life's just keep on getting harder almost everyday... Here I am, isolated from what so-called "LOVE" and (maybe) bring myself into a destruction day by day. I hate giving up, I always do, but all this thesis-working-thing drive me nuts... I don't need and don't expect pity, but I just need to let these all negative energy out! I miss u guys,..!! my loved ones far away!! God,.. how I missed them. I need to get away from this crazy and frustrating situation,..!! The year-end is drawing near,.. xmas is just few weeks ahead, and instead of planning for my life and the happy days, I'm stuck in here with a damn perfectionist who keeps telling me that all my work is uneffective, target-missing,..everything that sounds bad to my ears,.. I'm tired and exhausted. I need to get away,... somewhere.
I promise I'll do better next time.
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