Wednesday, November 02, 2005

baby I'm amazed by you!

Hmm... I'm finally back to the arms of LOVE. Thanks God for His blessings!! Here I am, reunited again with my baby,.. the reason for me to be. I am stunned and speechless... It never dawned on me about how fast time passing by, with so much laughters and tears gone along with it. Tears just burst out of me when i first saw my little baby, so calm, beautiful and unharmed. He sees through me, I'm in love,.. no more words are need to be said. No 'first-times' are easy,.. I understand the way he push his body backing away from me,.. he barely even remember me..I am ashamed. but I push myself to help you get over this awkwardness between us,.. and in the next few days, the hard work is paid off!! You like me!! you really like me! you like to grab and pull my hair,.. you love to lick my face and took some bites on it!! it hurts but it makes me happy...(maybe someday you'll understand why...)
I love to wake up in surprise every single night, just to watch you change your sleeping style... I love to hear the water that you splash during bathtime! I love to hear you babbles.. even though it is a very hard language for me to understand,.. I love to make you laugh and make a fool of myself!! I love doing everything with you!!
but,.. can't we just be together all the time,...? I wish someday we could and please know this : I AM WORKING ON IT...
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