Friday, October 21, 2005

Hubby, about our marriage.

I just finished reading a book "The 60 Minutes Marriage". The writer promised that the book will change your perspective about marriage (to a better one, of course!). Well, I really think that he's right! I'm a rookie on marriage life and I almost have no experience about it.. but I'm willing to learn. I used to think that it will goes on,.. naturally. We don't have to read anything or learn something about marriage life, you'll find it out somehow! that's what people used to say.... well, I am wrong, they're wrong. Just like any other important events that happened in life, marriage brings us a lot of changes... we need to adjust to it, sooner or later. One quote I read and I think it's true : "Marriage may be made in heaven, but the maintenance must be done on earth." I'm not trying to say that we must change ourselves after we got married, but we're not on our own anymore,.. we're not alone. There are two hearts, two body and most of all two minds. We cannot depend on our own knowledge to decide anything in our lives, because when you got married, everything you do affects both of you. This is a whole new world for me to live in, but I'm ready, willing and able if I had to live it with you.
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