Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Few Words For My Husband

by Stacy Lynn Allen

How do I possibly put into words how much you mean to me? I know with all of my heart and every passing day that we were meant to be. With every look into your eyes I fall deeper in love with you; you're strong, you're kind and nothing compares to the things that you do. You've sacrificed so much to be the best husband any man could be; and never second guessed placing my happiness well above your needs. It's comforting to know that in a world so big that sometimes gets me down; I have a husband like you to keep me from falling to the ground. I could hold you in my arms forever and say "I love you" one hundred times each day; but I'm afraid it would take three more lifetimes with you for me to portray...Just how much I adore you and how thankful I am to be your wife; and how lucky I have been to have you as such an important part of my life. People search a lifetime and sometimes never find true love; that's how I know that meeting you was a gift from up above. It's important you understand that although these words, you may not always hear; I love you so much and could never imagine my life without you near.
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