Monday, April 18, 2005

“You and me”

We used to meet, even when we don’t want to.
You saw my good deeds and my bad attitudes
Well, you’ve seen much of me…
And so do you! I feel like I’ve known you forever.
You make me laugh and you make me cry.
You give me much and you’ve taken much too,
All that we do seem like a routine for us.
You do yours and I do mine, you get yours and I get mine.
We both had been bored with us.
I think we should separate and you think so too.
You had left and off I go.
We were lost in our own life,
A Half of fun and half of misery.
We no longer share our loneliness,
We no longer share our foolishness.
We’re just we, lonely strangers on a runaway train.
The world revolves and so do we,
Like a fairy tale, we meet again.
God knows how hard we both tried,
To see each other as the missing pieces we’ve been looking for.
Surprised by mistakes and amazed by awe.
I think we should fall in love (again) and start it all over again.
It’s not you and me that matter; it’s you and me against the world!
We’ve been through so much,
We’ve gone too far and we’ve come too close.
Guess it’s time to let it be,
Because it’s not “why” but it is “how” for you and me.
People make mistakes, but loving is never a mistake.
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