Monday, February 21, 2005

On a not very sunny day,...

It's raining outside now,.. wow..feels like nothing to do. today is a very tiring day,.. I push myself up in the the morning...while I had a crazy headache. To do something with the bad feeling, I decided to goin' where the wind blows today,..practically wherever it takes me. So I jumped in a bus,.. makin my way downtown.
well, just I have planned it,..I ended up in a mall...(huhuhu...), well, not a bad choice after all! there's a bIg sale going on, let's go girl!! I shouted to myself.
so we go,.. I bought some clothes today,..well actually 5!! hehehe,... I gain weight by the end of this year (actually still gaining till now,..) so I do need a lot of new clothes that fits me best. In the mall I spent a lot of time watching people go by,.. funny,..there's so much people here and yet I felt so lonely. I ate alone in a restaurant and so a couple who had a fight (....), I went to the photo box and make a fool of myself in the camera... ooh... very tiring! hahaa..
I take a walk on the way home... it's more than 12 kilometres!! not bad for a bored chick huh?!
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