Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Black Letter Day...

Have you ever feel so used,..tired and lonely in your life? well I have and it sucks. I hate to say that i felt lonely,..but I just can't find another word that works. It's hard when you realized that someone you really care about doesn't feel the same way for you. The even worse part is that they don't even realize it! They just don't care about your feelings, how hurt you are... It's just doesn't seem fair and u feel like you just wanna fly away to somewhere out of this world.
So sad,..yes it is. Lonelliness found me and looks like it's here to say. I know that i should get on with my life,... but a life lived without you just doesn't seem right.
All I really want is pull myself out of these feelings,..these crazy feelings. I can't live with it anymore.
Is it true that we all responsible for ourselves? Is there really any choice for everyone of us?
I've gone too far to go back and and came too close to pu it all behind,... I just wish it was yesterday, cause today pulls me under-place my bet on tommorow's game.
So please take me home...I just don't know what to doesn't matter if we win or lose, it's up to you.
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