Friday, August 26, 2005

Although We Have to Be Apart,.. Every Day I Think of You and Miss You

Although we have to be apart,
We'll always be together,
Close enough in mind and heart
To manage any weather.
Reality is often bleak,

But love remains inside
A glass house on a mountain peak,
The wintry world beside.
Love can build its own four wallsAnd heat its own small room.

Through icy winds and blinding squalls,Love can be in bloom.
Though continents drift far downstream

And mountains disappear,
And life dissolve into a dream,
Our love will still be here,You'll turn, and I'll be here.

Every day I think of you and miss you,
More as time spreads open like a sea.
My pillow knows how much I long to kiss you,
As I must dream till you come back to me.

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