Tuesday, May 10, 2005

somewhere I belong

it is hard to know that you have to be in a place where u didn't really belong to... you have to keep up with the pace and all the consequences it brings,.. it is hard, really.
but it is a relieve to know that all that happens in this this life are mostly by choices-the choices we made-the way that we've chose.
i 'm tired of breaking down and cry,..i'd rather put myself together and do the best i could for the moment. life is too short to waste.
i miss them so much,..my reason to be living right now. it hurts to know that u won't be around when you need them or even when they need you so much. they are the main reason of my life,..the reason for all that i do,...is to make them happy.
i love the old saying : "There are no such thing as MISTAKES and COINCIDANCE. All things that happened are BLESSINGS so that we can learn something about it."
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